Hey there!IMG_8665 2

I’m Donald, the friend you go to when you’re feeling low or you need a partner for horseshoes.

Oh man, I love horseshoes! I’m not gonna lie, I like games a lot – Board Games, Card Games, Video Games – You name it!

Aaaaaand I like to make people feel better.

If I see you frowning, I’m gonna make you smile. Count. On. It.

You know what I love most?


I love tromping through the creative mud with my peers and making AWESOME things happen.

There’s nothing more satisfying than collaborating with others and then taking a step back and seeing the creative mark that we’ve left on the world. There’s so much opportunity for creating incredible things – So much potential.

It’s pretty flipping inspiring!


I love to Create.

You love to Create.

Wanna create something awesome together?

Shoot me an email at donaldleegipson@yahoo.com and let’s get crackin’!


Talk soon,


P.S. I’m also available for horseshoes.